And So it begins…

Last night I had a dream….In the dream I was told I had 15 years to live if I didn’t get my health under control and I needed to start making plans on what these last years would look like.

It scared me….

At 46 years old, I weigh in at roughly 380 pounds and I am 6’6″ tall. That puts me at a BMI of 43.9! While I know I will likely always be considered overweight. I want to get out of the Morbid Obesity category for starters (BMI <35). That should happen at 302 lbs. Then, I want to get out of the Obese range all together (<260 lbs). To be considered normal weight by the BMI metrics I would have to weigh in at 210 or below. I also know that BMI does not take into account muscle mass or anything of that sort. I know some pretty svelte guys who are shorter than me and are in the 250 lb range. Therefore, once I get out of the Obese range, I want to focus more on muscle gain than weight loss. That is still 120 lbs away as I begin this attempt once again. I told a friend that I am giving diet and exercise one last go before I give in to the concept of weight loss surgery. I know it can be done without surgery, so I want to try and see.

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